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Magnetic Agitator Features

200rpm industrial magnetic stirrer stainless steel magnetic agitator horizontal magnetic mixer ss series double speed agitator adopts middle-high speed agitating inside and low speed agitating outside and this industrial agitator mixer is usually used in situations of high viscosity applies to newton and non newton fluid and features with.

200rpm Industrial Magnetic Stirrer - top agitator

200rpm Industrial Magnetic Stirrer, Stainless Steel Magnetic Agitator, Horizontal Magnetic Mixer SS series double speed agitator adopts middle-high speed agitating inside and low speed agitating outside, and this industrial agitator mixer is usually used in situations of high viscosity, applies to Newton and non Newton fluid and features with .

79-1 Magnetic Stirrer With Hot Plate.Through magnetic force, this stirrer machine helps you say goodbye to manual mixing! It features with speed and temperature control buttons, low noise, smooth operation, and the fully enclosed heating plate is able to be used for auxiliary heating.

, are a Germany based organization, engaged in the business of Agitator System for all process industries.We are a Manufacturer & Supplier of Magnetic Agitators, Side Entry Agitators, Gear Driven Agitators, Co-Axial Agitators, Magnetic Stirrers, Magnetic Mixers and Homogenizers.

Bottom-mounted magnetic agitators are sta- te of the art for low-viscosity liquids in pharmaceutical and bio- technology production.The compact design, low maintenance and high reliability guarantee trouble-free production.Using a bottom-mounted agitator also frees up space on the tank lid for sensors, valves and sight glasses.

Hot Plate Magnetic 79-1 Stirrer Mixer Stirring Laboratory

Essential chemical laboratory accessory, the Magnetic Agitator has made it's appearence in the world of E-liquids and DIY.For the preparation of your E-liquids the PCE-MSR 100 Magnetic Agitator ameliorates the homogenisation of your DIY preparations and reduces the length of the maturation stage.The Magnetic Agitator is functioned by a magnetic force in a circular movement in which the .

Features including the dimensions of the impeller, rotational speed or the type of impeller can be modified to perform customer-specific mixing tasks.

Magnetic Agitator System Manufacturer Magnetic Stirrers

Features of Bottom Entry Magnetic Mixers 1.This bottom entry magnetic agitator is workable in the temperature range from -60℃ to 350℃.This magnetic stirrer can be operated with the pressure between -0.

Features of Side Entry Magnetic Agitator 1.Magnetic transmission side in mixer can reach the maximal stirring efficiency during the power consumption process.And its power consumption only occupies 1/3~2/3 of the common central mixers.Having static seal structure and contact-free transmission torque, this side entry magnetic agitator .


Having opulent manufacturing infrastructure with highly advanced facilities, we are indulged in manufacturing and supplying an exceptional quality array of Magnetic Agitator.The team of our highly adroit professionals manufacture this agitator with the use of superior quality components and the ultra-modern technology in tandem with the set industry standards.

JoanLab Lab SH-3 Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate, Stir Plate, Magnetic Mixer, 3,000mL, 100~1600rpm, 500W, 350 C Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate, Heated Magnetic Stirrer, Lab Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer.

Magnetic Agitator Drive for Laboratory Pressure Reactor manufacturer and suppliers in Vadodara, Gujarat, India.

Magnetic Agitator mixing devices in various stainless steel reaction tanks and liquid-compounding tanks.

PCE-MSR 100 Magnetic Agitator for your DIY magnetic

Magnetic Agitator | PRODUCT MANUFACTURER: ZETA Product Description Bioreactors with bottom-mounted agitators keep processes sterile over long periods, so that contamination risks typically associated with shaft-driven agitators having mechanical seals where the shaft penetrates the reactor vessel are a thing of the past.

Magnetic Agitator: APPLICATIONS: Injectables.Different types of suspensions.FEATURES: Bottom Mounted, Type MDB MDB-H.Drive orientation Horizontal, by means of right angle or worm gear reducer; Less height requirement under the vessel .

Magnetic coupling is much more difficult to reduce than capacitive coupling because magnetic fields can penetrate conductive shields.Two types of loss, reflection and absorption, characterize how a shield works.

Bottom Entry Magnetic Agitator China Magnetic Stirrer

Magnetic safety agitators ESM The EKATO Magnetic-Safety-Agitator prevents product leakage by using a hermetic seal between product and environment, even when the agitator suffers any kind of breakdown which makes it best for mixing hazardous material.

Magnetic Stirrer is an ideal replacement for your existing mechanical sealing.Nano-mag Technologies is prominent manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Magnetic Drives/ Couplings Agitators for all ranges of autoclaves/ reactors from lab scale to commercial scale.

A magnetic stirrer or magnetic stir plate is commonly used in laboratories to ensure liquid samples are homogeneous in consistency and temperature.A magnetic stirrer can use magnetic stirrer bars or inductive agitators to complete the mixing process.

PDC Machines’ Puma line of magnetically coupled mixers are constructed to suit a variety of mixing requirements.

Our magnetic products include side entry mixer, top entry magnetic stirrer and bottom entry magnetic agitator.They adopt magnetic coupler contact-free transmission torque principle and uses rotating magnetic field to cause a stir bar immersed in a liquid to spin and mix quickly.The magnetic stirrer is composed .

Pierre Guerin introduces the PG-MAG series, a new generation of bottom mounted agitator with magnetic coupling, for your process applications.This system is ideally adapted to food industries formulation and storage tanks, and for applications requiring strict asepsis, efficient agitation and cleaning-in-place.

Side Entry Magnetic Agitator Magnetic Transmission Side

Provided agitator has got enhanced blending capacity and is superb for suspensions.Accurately tested and manufactured at vendors’ end, offered agitator has gained huge appreciation of our respected customers due to its unmatched quality and performance.High blending capacity with low shear; Magnetic coupling.

Self-priming ATEX high-pressure magnetic agitators: Absolute safety for sensitive stirring processes.Sensitive processes, such as the entry of highly reactive gases into pressure vessels, require the highest safety demands on agitator systems.

Magnetic Agitator Manufacturer Supplier In Vadodara India

Magnetic Agitator Mixing Tank, the bottom of the magnetic stirring device in the bottom of the tank, belongs to the aseptic tank.Magnetic stirring tank and tank with different head structure form, the tank can jacketed form or combination of single root tree different requirements;Configuration magnetic stirring bottom or side into the type, can achieve the CIP and SIP.

The advantages of the PUMA Drive magnetic agitator include: Air-cooled drive tube isolates the heat of the vessel and removes the heat generated by the eddy currents of the magnets to retain the torque rating of the drive during operation.V-Belt Drive uses no rotary or mechanical seals, never needs lubrication, is simple to maintain.

The BMRT model agitator features an innova-tive levitated magnetic impeller.New stronger magnets are used to lift the impeller off the bearing.This greatly improves the agitator’s run-dry performance.The vessel can be completely emptied of liquid with the agitator running – mix-ing to the last drop.

Stir Plates Magnetic Stirrers Magnetic Stir Plates

The BMRT model agitator features an innovative levitated magnetic impeller.New stronger magnets are used to lift the impeller off the bearing.This greatly improves the agitator’s run-dry performance.The vessel can be completely emptied of liquid with the agitator running – mixing right down to the last drop.

Magnetic Agitator Drive for Laboratory Pressure Reactor in

The GSF Low Profile Magnetic Stirrer is an ideal choice for most basic stirring applications.6 ), the GSF can be stored virtually anywhere and is easily transported.An automated reverse motion setting provides additional agitation as needed.

The Magnetic Agitator Drive will absolutely prevent any contact between the outside & In-tank atmospheres by the application of hermetically sealed ISOLATION SHELL, thereby resulting in a “ZERO LEAKAGE” system.Kweng MDTA Series sealless Magnetic Agitator Drives are designed for CIP (Cleaning in Place) and SIP (Sterilization in Place) and .

Magnetic mixer be installed on the pharmaceutical tank for

The S-8 eight channel magnetic stirrer is a stirrer designed for high efficiency experiment.It is driven by a DC brushless motor, which can effectively reduce the speed noise and avoid maintenance.Stainless steel covered with silicone film, anti-skid and anti-corrosion.LCD display speed and time, beautiful appearance; 2.

When solids or liquids are added into the vortex created by the magnetic agitator, they are transferred straight to the rotor.The rotor transforms the axial movement of the medium into a radial acceleration from the centre of the rotor towards the wall of the vessel.

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