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Ballast Stone Products

20 blended ballast quart - our best protypical o-scale ballast great for 2-rail o-scale and s-scales! 20 grade natural stone ballast accurately graded for the most discriminating protoscale modeler! lightly blended hues for subtle contrast unlike other ballast our scenic express stone is sealed so it will not darken when matte medium is.

N-HO-O Natural Stone-Scenic Express

#20 Blended Ballast Quart - Our BEST protypical O-Scale Ballast.Great for 2-Rail O-Scale and S-Scales! #20 grade natural stone ballast accurately graded for the most discriminating protoscale modeler! Lightly blended hues for subtle contrast.Unlike other ballast, our Scenic Express stone is sealed so it will not darken when Matte Medium is .

A premier blend of our natural aggregate #16 ballast! Great for 3-rail applications (Gar Graves, Super-O and O/27 Gauge)! Coverage is approximately 35 linear feet of track per 1/2 gallon (approx.Blend may vary in color consisency so we recommend buying your ballast at one time! ALL O-Scale Ballast 15% Off through 3/15/2017.

About #4 Limestone Ballast The product is commonly used as erosion control, for heavy drainage, as a stabilizer or for landscaping.It can also be used for special build driveways to support heavy vehicles/items like boats or dump trucks, for example, on muddy roads - although for normal driveways we recommend the #57 size which is the standard .

Ballast rock is 4-6 inches and can be used for entrances and exits of job sites and drainage.Disclaimer Size Variation: Please allow for up to 10% larger or smaller pieces as well as up to 10% fine material within your product than what is described in the product information.

O-Scale Ballast-Scenic Express

It Can't Be More Natural! Nothing looks as realistic as natural products.Therefore NOCH offers selected natural stones for model landscaping.All stones are finely quarried and sorted by size.The high-quality and naturally quarried NOCH Ballast is matching the M SSMER trackbeds and the M rklin C tracks.

Default; Custom; Name; Price; Date; Popularity (sales) Average rating; Relevance; Random; Product ID; Display 15 Products per page.15 Products per page; 30 Products per page; 45 Products per page; Black Lava $ 7.

4 Limestone Ballast -

Use Ballast and Coal for any scale to model realistic railroad track, gravel roads, crushed rock and stones, hopper loads and coal piles.Available in several colors and sizes, you can mix and match for a superior realistic effect.Ballast and Coal are lightweight and easy to use.

Ballast Rock -

Ballast stone traps a lot of dirt, making patching difficult.Ballast stone fractures and gets sharper over time, which can puncture the membrane.Ballast stone can crush the underlying insulation, creating weak spots in the roof membrane.Over time, the stones move around, creating “Bald spots” where the system isn’t held down at all.

Firestone EPDM Ballasted System Application.The Firestone EPDM Ballasted System is an economical EPDM Roofing System, suitable for a wide variety of buildings.It can be applied on any building that can accommodate the extra load of the ballast and where the roof slope does not exceed 10%.

Ballast and stones model railways from the model

Founding of AZROCK I went to a hobby shop, and there wasn’t and natural-looking model railroad scenery products for a layout project.I went around the countryside and sifted different size of sand and gravel.I started to find new gravel pits with different colours can be used for various railroads.

I picked up a Ballast King at an estate sale for a price I won't disclose.I use it with Dennis Brennan's ballast and I can do a lot of ballast in a short time.I roll the spreader about three feet at a time, put a block of wood across the track and tap it lightly with a small hammer, sprinkle a little ballast to make it look less uniform, and move on to the next three feet.

Jan 01, 2006 Ballast stones, whose weight stabilized empty ships, have been found at various colonial landing sites along the North Carolina coast.Although there are no known records, residents and local historians believe that these stones, found in coastal counties along the shore and under water, were used as ballast in early sailing vessels.In the colonies, the market for manufactured goods from .

JM EPDM Protective Stone Mat is a nominal 7.34 g/m2) UV-resistant, polypropylene, needle-punched fabric.Use the JM EPDM Protective Stone Mat as a slipsheet between the membrane and the ballast or pavers.

Large coarse aggregates that consist of crushed stone (hardstone such as rhyolite, granite and sometimes dolomite) with particle sizes ranging from 1 inches to 4 inches.Typical uses include construction applications and railroad ballast.

Olimar Stone brings you an exclusive line of beach pebbles, pebble tiles and other exotic stone imported from islands throughout Southeast Asia and South America.These stone products are harvested by hand to ensure minimal environmental impact.

Our washed 2 1/2″ ballast stone ranges from 1/2″ to 2 1/2″ in size.

Pattison produces Ballast Stone products in our state-of-the-art, jaw/cone crushing plant.Our plant features a compression crushing system that is designed to reduce fines and increase fractured faces.Pattison high quality Ballast Stone is excellent for shortline railroads and private company rail sidings.

Products include: aggregates, construction sand, limestone, scrubber limestone, specialty stone and metallurgical stone.Think CSX for Railroad Ballast Needs Fill your need for railroad ballast simply by using CSX.We serve 18 ballast stone quarries across our network.

Railroad Ballast (#3, #4, #4A) Gibraltar Rock washed #4A is sold throughout New Jersey and the East Coast to railbed manufacturing companies.It ranges from 1/2″ to 2” in size.Meets NJDOT, NYDOT, and PENNDOT size #3 and #4 specification.Other common uses: site entrances, drainage applications.

Railroad Ballast Railroad ballast is one of the most demanding applications for crushed stone.Railroad ballast serves as a bed for railroad tracks and provides track stability, drainage, and support of significant loads carried by railcars.

Railroad ballast is an important component of a railroad infrastructure and is produced from durable, crushed granite or trap rock.It forms a track bed packed between, below, and around railroad “sleepers” and acts as a support base to the railroad tracks.

Ballast Stone Archives Superior Scenics Miniature

Railroad construction and maintenance.Ballast: 14,469,856 Total Tons Sold.

ROBERTSON 3P20158 ISL296T12MV Fluorescent Electronic Ballast for 2 F96T12 Linear Lamps, Instant Start, 120-277Vac, 50-60Hz, Normal Ballast Factor, HPF 4.

Roof Ballast Pavers for Your Roof Protection System.Protect and beautify your roof with these attractive and functional roof ballast pavers.Our roofing pavers are available in diamond tread pattern and architectural shot blast finish to suit the needs of your building.You can use these roofing pavers as walkway pads, for paving stones on pedestals, as ballast paving stones and other .

Stone Ballast Single-Ply Version.Our Creative Design Series Bullnose Fascia for ballasted roofs offers a distinctive profile to satisfy the building's aesthetic needs.Our fascia products are manufactured with pre-punched holes for quicker installation and lower labor costs.The fastening holes are slotted to allow for proper thermal movement .

Ballast and Coal - Woodland Scenics

Stone ballast Typically requires crushed, graded stone placed over a stone filter sheet, rolled out over the insulation.In the field of the roof, a minimum of 10 lbs.Ballast is required, with 20 lbs.Needed at perimeters and at large penetrations.

Walking Ballast is also known as ballast stone, railroad ballast, mainline ballast, shortline ballast, yard ballast, AREMA ballast, AREMA 4a and AREMA 5 ballast.This material is used primarily for railroads as mainline ballast or cross walk material.Because the purpose of Walking Ballast is to improve drainage.

The Standard Ballast Paver is stocked in a Natural color and a non-slip Diamond finish.A wide range of sizes are available.Unlike river gravel which has been known to be hazardous, pavers used as ballast or walkways provide a durable, safe method of protecting the roof system.

We supply products to residential and commercial properties throughout Quakertown, Sellersville, Hilltown, .1 1/2″ modified • 1 1/2″ clean • 4″ Ballast • Surge • R stone (See images below for samples of our crushed stones) Red Stone Screenings Blue Stone Screenings 1B 1/2″ Clean Crushed Blue Stone .

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